Critical Information: Regarding voting in the 2022 Primaries

There’s been a lot of talk lately about New York State’s redistricting plan, how it impacts Republicans, how it impacts Democrats, what does it mean for incumbents and for challengers. But there has been little, if any, guidelines for how does all this affect YOU – the voters!

Reclaim has compiled answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about the spring, summer and fall elections, voter registration and other matters important to those who want their voices heard and their votes to make a difference. You will also find helpful information and answers to any questions you may have on the New York State official Board of Elections website,

-+What is the current status of litigation challenging recent election redistricting in New York State.

The litigation is over for the 2022 midterm elections, however, on June 10th, the Appellate Court ordered the drawing of Assembly Districts for the 2024 elections back to the courts and they may well be changed again.

-+Many districts have changed under the redistricting map. How do I know which local, state and federal district(s) I am in and where to vote?

If you are a registered voter, you should go to the New York State Board of Elections website at: On the front page of the website there are various labeled tabs or boxes containing relevant information for each tabbed topic. Go to the box labeled, “want to find out if you are registered and where to vote”. Fill in the identifying information and all your election districts and polling places will be listed. Other tabs will provide information about early voting, absentee ballots, etc.

-+What do I do if I am not registered?

If you are not registered to vote, on the New York State Board of Elections web site: go to the box labeled, “register to vote”.

If you are not registered, in order to vote in a primary election, you need to request a voter registration form by the due date listed on the Board of Elections home page. Note that in order to vote in either a primary or a general election, you must have registered by the date specified on the Board of Elections website.

If you are registering in-person, you can do so at any State Board of Elections office. Or you may register at to vote at your local Board of Elections or at any state agency participating in the National Voter Registration Act, on any business day throughout the year. However, to be eligible to vote in a State and Local Primary, your application must be received no later than June 3, 2022. Therefore, you will not be able to vote in the primary but should register to ensure you can vote in the general election and future elections.

Note that you can only vote in the primary election of the party you have selected. For example, if you have registered as a Republican, you can only vote in the Republican primary if there is one in your voting district.

-+For the general elections, which will be held on November 8, 2022, the deadlines for registration are:

Mail-in registration: Applications have to be postmarked by October 14, 2022 and received by the Board of Elections no later than October 19, 2022.

For in-person registration, the deadline for voter registration is October 14, 2022.

-+How can I obtain an absentee ballot for either the primary or general election?

The State Board of Elections website has a user-friendly section on obtaining and submitting absentee ballots both for primary and for general elections. In essence:

You may apply for an absentee ballot in any of the following ways:

  • By going in-person to your local county board of elections, if you don’t know the location of your county board you can find it on the state website.
  • By designating another person to deliver your application in-person to your local county board of elections and receive your ballot.
  • By applying online at:

If you cannot pick up your ballot, you have the right to designate, in writing, someone to pick it up for you. Only the person designated on your application may pick up and deliver your ballot.

If you are permanently ill or disabled, you have the right to receive an Absentee Ballot for each subsequent election without further application. Simply file an application with your county board of elections indicating permanent illness or physical disability. You will then automatically receive an absentee ballot for every election until your registration is canceled.

If someone you know is visually impaired and requires a ballot with accessible features they may apply using the online Accessible Absentee Ballot Application portal:

-+What is the deadline for requesting an absentee ballot for a primary election?

June 13th deadline for requesting an absentee ballot.

Returning a ballot must be postmarked by June 28th.

-+What is the deadline for requesting and submitting an absentee ballot for the general election?

October 24th is the last date to request an absentee ballot by mail.

November 7th is the last date to make an in-person request for an absentee ballot.

-+When do absentee ballots have to be received for the general election?

November 8th is the last date to postmark a ballot.

Absentee ballots for the general election must be received by the local board of elections by no later than November 15th.