Critical Information: Regarding voting in the 2022 Primaries

There’s been a lot of talk lately about New York State’s redistricting plan, how it impacts Republicans, how it impacts Democrats, what does it mean for incumbents and for challengers. But there has been little, if any, guidelines for how does all this affect YOU – the voters!

Reclaim has compiled answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about the spring, summer and fall elections, voter registration and other matters important to those who want their voices heard and their votes to make a difference. You will also find helpful information and answers to any questions you may have on the New York State official Board of Elections website,

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Webinar: Running For School Board

Speaker Former NYS Lt. Governer
Betsy McCaughey PHD
NY Post Columnist
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ACTION ALERT: Winning back your school board

As you may recall, a few months ago Reclaim ran a webinar on getting elected to school boards in New York State. The event was very well received with over 250 people registering and garnering a lot of interest and feedback.

Spring brings with it a winter thaw – but it is also School Board election season. With that in mind, and since the dates for filing various required documents is drawing close, Reclaim wanted to ensure that everyone interested in this topic had a handy “toolbox” to use for their efforts. We are thus sending out this email with links to some useful handouts and other resources. The information is from various sources that may express its partisan views, but are included simply because the source provides relevant information on the process.

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First, some key 2022 dates to remember:

  • April 18: Petition must be filed for central, common, and union school districts
  • April 27: Petition must be filed for all small city school districts
  • May 17: Budget Vote and Election Day

Be sure to check out the website: – our website has links both to the webinar on this topic and to a packet of sample forms candidates and their committees must complete and file. However, it is up to you to obtain the current specific forms you must file for your school district.

Possibly the most useful document, although published in 2017, is a complete, user-friendly, plain English compendium explaining just about everything involved is published by the NYS School Boards Association called “Getting It Right: A Review of Election Requirements”.

Don’t let the publisher deter you – this guide, published by NYS SBA staff in 2017 has all the ins and outs and is very user-friendly. It can be found at

One word of caution however, because this was published in 2017, you should check with the authorities cited in the compendium as to any updates or changes in the procedures since that time.

The dates and sample forms on the Reclaim website should be used as guidance only and not as legal advice; they are posted as guidelines, not statements of laws. You should consult an attorney if you have legal questions, Reclaim does not provide legal guidance.

The NYS SBA also publishes a four-page document on getting elected, located online here.

And to recap some tips from the Reclaim webinar on how to win:

Build a team of local parents and friends, meet often, create an email group chat, communicate daily, continuously add to the group as election time nears.

  • Check-in with your local school district clerk or, in the case of city elections, the board of elections, to make sure you are meeting all deadlines and paperwork requirements.
  • Plan door-to-door solicitations and phone banking in the days before the election.
  • Print palm cards and ballot replicas. Don’t waste money on lawn signs.
  • Employ social media, campaign at train stations, church, and markets
  • Have election day teams, in shifts, to staff every polling place

Lastly, don’t go it alone. National groups are ready and eager to help with money and expertise. The following are some of the national groups working with parents and local grassroots groups around the country. Reclaim’s web sites list several of them but here are just a few:

  • Moms for Liberty Learn More
  • Freedom Works’ Candidate Academy for school board elections: “Building Education for Students Together” Learn More
  • Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (

The time has never been more critical for parents to get involved and take back their and their children’s education and guidance. We hope this email has been helpful and if you have any questions feel free to contact Reclaim at

Suzanne Tufts
Acting Executive Director
Reclaim New York

Webinar: Running For School Board

Reclaim says enough is enough—it’s time to get on school boards and steer schools in the right direction – to ensure a quality education for your children. Issues regarding, budgets, services, mandates, and educational outcomes can best be addressed by joining the governing board.

In the past few months, parents have been subjected to increasingly hostile behavior from their school boards including an effort by the Attorney General of the United States and left wing groups who want to stifle discussion and dissent.

On November 16, 2021, Reclaim will hold a webinar hosted by former New York State Lieutenant Governor Betsy McCaughey, featuring a practical step by step hands on guide for running for your local school board and taking back education from bureaucrats to where it belongs – with parents.

Survey of Reclaim Stakeholders

Over the past six months Reclaim has engaged in several surveys of concerned citizens in New York State. The Surveys were a resounding success in terms of learning more about Reclaim's base and how Reclaim can help New Yorkers make their government more transparent and accountable. Thank you!

The surveys yielded an above average level of input, attention, engagement, and activism compared to other groups and not for profit organizations. In addition, given the unusually high numbers of Reclaimers who stated that they are registered to vote, it appears that Reclaim New York represents one of the larger, most dedicated voting blocks in the State.

On behalf of all of us at Reclaim, thank you.

Suzanne Tufts
Acting Executive Director
Reclaim New York

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